Animal Telepathy - My experience with a cat

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Animal Telepathy - My experience with a cat

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

I was walking back home at night two days ago, and I heard a meow. Instantly I stopped and looked in the direction where it came from. If you didn’t know already, I’m a cat lover. Cats are my favorites animals in the world. Even the alpha lion is the king of the cats.

Anyway I saw a grey and white cat sitting on the grass. When I stopped and look and it, it turned and looked at me too. There were other distractions around such as two guys nearby playing and making noises but I still caught its attention. I just stood there looking at it, while it continue being still for awhile. It wasn’t looking at me now but at the distractions in front of it. And then it started moving forward.

I continued to walk in the direction of my home and as I did, the cat was almost going to go past me. At that moment I used my mind to send forth an intention that I wasn’t any harm, totally safe and wanted to play with it. I gave a meow, it stopped and meowed back.

So there I was patting it and stroking its soft, warm fur and just giving it attention while it’s enjoying it. I wrapped on arm under it, lifted it up a bit and put it back down. And then I got up and started to walk home. But it started to trot along beside me. That was ok, usually cats may or may not follow me for a short distance before wandering off on their own.

But this time I did something different. I have learnt about animal telepathy and how animals pick up the intentions you have in your mind and tend to carry them out. So I pictured in my mind that I was going home and intended for the cat to go in that direction as well.

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