Psychic Phenomena Require Belief to Function

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Psychic Phenomena Require Belief to Function

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The world is divided between those who believe in psychic phenomena and those who don’t. Like another one of the world’s mysteries, some believe psychic phenomena are real while others don’t. Resolving this mystery is a key step in discovering the higher realities of the universe. It seems that for every case of psychic phenomena, the evidence can be equally disputed to be both authentic and false. Understanding the true nature of psychic phenomena is the key to knowing why it works or fails at times.

All psychic phenomena work with consciousness. Unlike all natural forces that take place in the physical world, psychic phenomena are mental in nature. A person who wishes to experience psychic phenomena must have the belief for it. It is impossible for the skeptics to experience psychic phenomena because they do not believe in it. Their consciousness keeps them from events where psychic phenomena take place or else they simply fail to perceive it. You must believe in it first before you can see it.

A person who possesses psychic ability may not be able to display it in a group of unbelievers. The collective thought force negates the function of psychic phenomena. A psychic is far able to function alone or with a group of believers. The skeptics never get to experience psychic phenomena themselves and that is why they dispute the testimonials of individuals and groups who claim to experience such things. What they don’t realize is that they are creating their own reality according to their perception.

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