Evolution is Unfoldment of Universal Intelligence

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Evolution is Unfoldment of Universal Intelligence

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The theory of evolution has a deeper explanation to what it appears to be. The standard idea is that life evolved to adapt to its environment. There are those who think that humans evolved from apes, and that apes evolved from other species. They think that there is a chain of evolution that goes all the way back to the amoeba. Such people even think that life itself was a random chance event of certain elements and chemicals coming together to form a pattern which resulted in the beginning of all that’s alive.

Such thinking is based on ignorance and only represents half the truth. All things are created and sustained by thought. Nothing in the universe ever exists without thought to create or sustain it. Life did not come into being by random chance but by intelligent design. There was a mind that designed the universe and all life forms in it. It may appear that one life form evolved from another. The reason is because all life forms are designed by the same intelligence. The way this intelligence works explains all of it.

It is the logos of universal intelligence to take the most efficient route in forming the universe. It began with the big bang of light into all other states of matter. The different states of matter were then shaped into different forms such as stars, nebulas and planets. Universal intelligence did the same thing with the formation of life. It starts from the most basic and advances from there. It always lay the foundation first and then builds upon it. This sequential ordering of events explains why evolution is the process.

It is the nature of intelligence to move from the simple to the complex. It is not the evolution of organic matter, but the evolution of intelligence that is really taking place all the while. One life form does not evolve into another. It may appear that way, but it is actually universal intelligence evolving and expressing itself in different forms. All the different life forms that we see are simply manifestations of universal intelligence in its different stages of expression. Every life form is unique and is purposefully designed.

This understanding explains why the fossils of life forms in their intermediary states are not discovered. It’s because there’re no intermediary states of life forms at all. Sea creatures did not evolve into land beings, land beings did not evolve to take flight in the skies, and apes certainly did not evolve into humans! Man may be physically close in resemblance to apes, but that is because universal intelligence decided to express its lower forms before expressing its higher forms. It’s the natural way of unfoldment.

Every life form has its specific place in the universe and there is no need for any one form to evolve into another. Each was designed to play a distinct role and not meant to play the role of another. Every life form is a part of the complete whole just like every musical instrument is a part of the orchestra. One instrument does not evolve into another one. Every piece is created individually and remains that way until destroyed. Apes are meant to be apes and humans are meant to be humans without exception.

What appears to be the evolution of organic beings is really just unfoldment of universal intelligence into different forms of expression. Apes are one form of expression and humans are another. The reason why we humans are the last of all life forms to come into being is because we are the highest expression of universal intelligence in this level of existence. We are the apex of life. We possess a quality that all other life forms do not possess. We possess the quality of self awareness with freewill of thought.

All other life forms are conditioned by their environments and function in it according to their nature. We humans are capable of going beyond our environments as well as to transform them to suit our needs. We are created to have dominion over the earth at a level where no other life form can ever attain. The true nature of a human is infinite and unbounded. We are the epitome of universal intelligence. Ignorant people think it’s proud to consider ourselves superior. Knowledge of intelligence helps us know truth.

Intelligence by definition is the ability to reason and think. All life forms are operated by universal intelligence. The difference between humans and other life forms is that humans are capable of reasoning and thinking apart from the guidance of universal intelligence. No being can gain independence of thinking from universal intelligence. It can only have it if it was given in the first place. We humans were created with independence of thinking and no other life forms can ever evolve into having such a function.

The unfoldment of universal intelligence in the spiritual dimension is completely opposite from the physical plane. The original state of intelligence is one of omniscience. It unfolded from the higher to the lower. Universal intelligence unfolded into the most powerful and intelligent light beings followed by those of lesser degrees. Human beings represent the halfway point where heaven and earth meets. We’re truly light beings manifesting the lowest form of our power and intelligence yet being highest of earth life.

The true meaning of evolution is not evolution of one life form on earth to another, but it is the evolution of consciousness. There are different degrees of freewill and power. No other earth life forms are able to increase in freewill and power. We humans are the only ones capable of doing so, therefore we are the only ones who can undergo the evolution of consciousness. All evolution is evolution of consciousness. Our purpose is to evolve our thinking and acting to become more aligned with universal intelligence.

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