Knowledge Has All Substance and Is Everything

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Knowledge Has All Substance and Is Everything

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Pure universal knowledge includes everything. If you are adhering to one line of thought, one mode of thinking, one idea structure, and excluding all others, then you are not having pure knowledge. Spirit is identified with the Cosmos itself. The authority to discover God is within the power of each individual and they are encouraged to make direct and personal observations. There is no limit to knowledge, which means all that can be conceived by the human mind, and even more, is not only possible, but real.

The only defense needed is knowledge. Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in existence. The more knowledge you have, the less fear you have, the less pain you have, the less stress you feel, the less anguish you feel, and the less danger you experience of any form or sort. There is no limitation in the concept behind the word knowledge. Therefore the value of the word “knowledge” is infinite. You could think of how that one concept, that one meaning frees you from all limitation.

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