Giving with Wisdom Results in Greatest Good

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Giving with Wisdom Results in Greatest Good

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The purpose of giving is to create good in this world. The more you give, the more you receive. But what you give is also what you receive. Therefore the quality of what you give matters more than the quantity of your giving. When you give in ways that creates more evil than good, it is worse than not giving at all. All giving is the expression of love. Love is the motivating force and wisdom is the guiding force. Love without wisdom is the root of all evil. Love must be guided by wisdom to do the greatest good of all.

Merit is something that you gain from doing good. It is a store of positive energy that will attract further good into your life. There are so many ways you can benefit others, but the more wisdom you have, the better you can express your love in a way that benefits a person best. Benefiting others in the best way will gain you the greatest merit. When you gain the greatest merit, it will empower you to do even more of the greatest good. You can choose which level to play at. Choose to do what’s best and not less.

Giving with wisdom means solving problems at the roots. It is dealing with causes instead of effects. You can give someone a fish or you can teach them how to fish. The second kind of giving is greater than the first kind. You benefit people more by empowering them to create wealth, than by giving them money. You benefit people more by teaching them health consciousness, than by giving them medicine. Curing evil at the symptoms does not change anything. True change comes by transforming the mind.

Charity and humanitarian work as lesser works of God. The greatest work of God is the work of conscious evolution. That is because knowing who we really are will bring us prosperity, healing and happiness. What people need is conscious knowledge and it is the thing that brings everything else. Knowing God and the universe is enlightenment and enlightenment is the greatest gift. You can offer no greater gift than the spiritual and mental empowerment of others, because the inner world creates the outer phenomena.

When you relieve people of responsibilities by feeding their desires, they become depraved after awhile. People who are given temporal relief but do not work on changing their mental behavior at all are cursed to lack peace and contentment in life. No matter what possessions or what amount of money they have, people who do not master their mind always want more, and they always have something to complain about. They can never be satisfied and they can never have enough because of mental poverty.

Giving with wisdom also means helping those with real need. There are many people who would seek your time, your energy and your resources. Some of these people are just seeking the easy way out because of their laziness and stupidity. Giving yourself to every person without thinking is not a very loving way to live. When you spend your resources on others in a foolish manner, you are not being loving to yourself. When you are not loving to yourself, your love to others is imperfect. Give discriminately.

There are two ways by which wealth and possessions may be ill used, and that is by not benefiting the deserving or by benefiting the undeserving. To finance evil activity or unwholesome behavior is to benefit the undeserving. There are people who use charitable organizations or handicapped people as a front to draw money from society. But much of the money is placed in their own pockets instead. The more you give to the undeserving, the less you have for the deserving. Give to that which you can trust.

You can only trust when you have knowledge. That is why wise people would rather not interfere for the reason that they do not know enough about a situation. It is better to do nothing when you do not know enough and when you are not inspired enough to do anything either. Enlightened giving is to give when you have clarity. That is why it is important to find out more about a situation when people come to you for help. People should not expect help without expressing their reasons. Act only with knowledge.

It is the size of your heart that matters more than the size of your act. The opportunity to give comes when there is an opening to receive. A person may have no big need for you to help with, but may have some small needs at times. Helping that person with all your love at those times will make a world of difference. Your state of mind can factor into the equation, so do not ever think that tiny acts of merit sincerely performed cannot produce tremendous results, or that they attract no recompense whatsoever.

Rich people can do a lot more harm than good with their giving. If you are rich and lack wisdom, you can end up getting yourself and others into much more trouble than if you had no money at all. So in such cases, an excess of good fortune is actually an excess of misfortune. Some may find it easier to create money than to decide how to spend it. There is wisdom for creating and wisdom for utilizing. That’s why it’s more important to gain wisdom first than to create wealth. Fools are destroyed by prosperity.

The dumb person cannot be considered good, for he just does good things because he does not know any better. The person who is really good is the one who can see both the good and the bad sides of a situation, but who refuses to do anything evil. That is a truly good person. The other person, however, is merely stupid. That is why in the ultimate scheme of things, knowledge or wisdom is the only good, while ignorance or stupidity is the only evil. To do the greatest good, you must give with full wisdom.

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