Altering Matter and Energy with Effortlessness

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Altering Matter and Energy with Effortlessness

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Everything in the universe is energy. All matter is energy-in-formation. It is possible to alter the vibrational patterns of energy, even from your physical vantage point, but it requires a fundamental vibrational shift of perception. It is your perception that creates and controls reality. By altering your perception, you can alter reality. Your reality consists of physical things such as matter and energy. Your mind has the power to bend spoons, move objects, dissipate clouds and shift probabilities in timeline events.

You can mentally influence matter and reality. It’s not so much a matter of doing as it is a matter of believing! A belief is a thought or pattern of thought that is continually offered. It is a vibrational signal that is responded to by other energies in the environment around you. If you are able to offer that pattern of energies clearly, purely, and match the vibration of the thing you are trying to shift, you will then be able to ‘ask’ those energies to shift. Magic is communication from the mind to alter time and space.

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