Reality Creation - Flow of Events and Cancellation

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Reality Creation - Flow of Events and Cancellation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Our thoughts do not create our reality but our beliefs do. We can have a thousand thoughts going through our mind but not all of them manifest, only the ones that are beliefs. A belief is a thought that is fueled with emotion which is the energy of creation. The subconscious mind is the faculty of emotion therefore conscious thought has no power unless it is also supported by the subconscious mind. A thought only becomes a belief when it has sufficient energy to set the process of creating flow of events.
Reality creation is a process that begins with a thought in mind that is fueled with enough energy to set in motion a sequence of events that will ultimately lead to its complete manifestation. At every step of the way, the flow of events can be interrupted, reinforced or redirected with the present thoughts that come forth. Therefore you can always affect your reality creation at any point of the process. All your reality creation is not done in the past or the future but it is done in the present time of the now.
There are three phases where your reality creation can be canceled. The first phase is when there is not enough energy for a thought to have effect because the intention is too weak. But if a particular thought gets thought of over and over long enough, the energy will start to build up until it starts to set things in motion to manifest corresponding events. Then the energy from the manifested event reinforces the initial thought and the cycle continues, and each situation becomes stronger than the last.

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