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Form Mental Pictures that Turn into Reality

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Form mental pictures of yourself using and enjoying that which you desire. Simply imagine a scenario that you would like to experience. You may not be able to imagine how it can happen, but you do not need to. Just imagine it happening in your mind without questioning the ways it can happen. Believe the picture to be true and you will be guided in thought and action to think the thoughts and do the things which will make a reality of your picture.
Christ said that whatever things you desire, pray believing that you receive them and you will have them. Faith is the evidence of things not seen and the substance of things hoped for. Your mental picture is your faith. Believing that you receive what you pray for is to form the mental picture of those things that you want to see happen. Most people pray and continue picturing the opposite conditions of what they pray for. You must picture things the way you want them to be instead of the way things are.
You might think that visualization is a difficult thing for you to do. But you do not realize that you are doing it naturally all the time. Worrying is forming mental pictures of things happening that you do not desire. When you worry, your imagination of negative things happening is so vivid and real to you. Fear and faith is believing that what you cannot see will come to pass. When you find yourself picturing negative outcomes, switch to picturing positive outcomes instead and you will find it is just as easy.
While you are imagining the event you desire, don’t think thoughts such as “I wish it were true.” Such a thought is accompanied by a feeling of doubt that will offset the good that you are already creating. Think of your mental picture as though it is about to become a reality and there is no doubt about it. Your subconscious mind will begin guiding you in thought and action so that ways and means will open up to you to make the mental picture a reality.

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