Challenge of Sovereign Power by Angelic Forces

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Challenge of Sovereign Power by Angelic Forces

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Angels and humans are different by their metaphysical configuration. Angels were created individually therefore they don’t have a common soul base. Humans were created from the first human which is Adam. God took a physical-etheric sample from Adam and formed Eve out of it. God created Eve with the ability to reproduce from the seed of Adam. That was how one human multiplied into the many. Angels are a company of beings but humans are a race of beings.

Angels cannot reproduce among themselves but they can reproduce with female humans. They weren’t supposed to but they did so during the angelic infiltration to mix the blood of humans with the seed of angels. It was the work of Lucifer the head of the fallen angels to corrupt the human metaphysical configuration so as to prevent the messiah from being able to be born of a pure human gene. Lucifer didn’t want Jesus to make use of humans against him but he wanted to make use of humans himself.

Angels who have fallen cannot be saved because Jesus died as a human with a common soul base of the entire human race from Adam. Jesus is the second Adam, the perfect one who wasn’t born of the seed of Adam but of the Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit in the blessed human virgin Mary. Salvation is not necessary to be made available to angels anyway because they would never accept it even until the end of time.

Angels are beings of consciousness that are of a much higher level than humans. They possess much greater awareness and exist in nonlinear time. Their decision based on an act of will is not influenced by time like humans. Once they make a choice, it lasts until the end of time. Angels do not anyhow make choices, they make it based on the full awareness needed to make it out of freewill. The choice that they make is a definite one that transcends normal spacetime.

Angels are challenging God’s love and God’s power. In the beginning, Lucifer conceived and believed in an idea to ascend into equal level with sovereign authority. He influenced one third of heaven’s angels to join him in fulfilling his intention. He made them believe that they could all merge with the Godhead and be sovereignty itself. Every angel considered that possibility but those that joined him made a conscious choice to rebel against God in order to do so.

Lucifer reasoned that how can the trinity not allow other beings to become like them if they were truly loving. He chose to love himself and the universal aspect of God more than the Most High Personalities of God which was the trinity. He believed he was doing the work of the universe by attempting to evolve into a Most High Personality himself. The trinity did not agree to let Lucifer do what wasn’t rightful in their eyes.

Therefore he sought the help of collective consciousness by persuading all of heaven’s angels for their support. He managed to win one third of them but the rest remained loyal to the Most High. Lucifer and his angels fought a great heavenly battle against God in which he lost. God judged Lucifer and his angels for their sin and sentenced them to the lake of fire. But Lucifer accused God’s love by stating that how could a loving God cast his creatures into hell and still be loving.

God created Mankind as part of his plan to prove his love to all creation and the angelic forces. God allowed Lucifer to tempt Man into sinning and thereby giving dominion to Lucifer. God then proclaims that he will send a savior to save them from Lucifer’s dominion. Lucifer thought that God would send his Son to save humanity by being born as a human in order to rule as their king. He didn’t know that God’s plan to reveal his love was to die for their sins.

Lucifer tried time and time again to stop God’s plan from unfolding but he kept failing. Each time God succeeded in carrying his plan through. Finally when Jesus Christ was at the time of his ministry where he taught the word of God and performed miracles, Lucifer manipulated collective consciousness to crucify the Savior. When Jesus died on the cross, Lucifer thought the he had finally succeeded in destroying the work of God.

But to his horror of horrors, he found that his own work was destroyed by the death of Jesus. The Son of God had not come to save mankind by ruling as their king, but by sacrificing his life to give them reconciliation with the Father. His work to overturn the work of God was overturned by God. He had lost the case of accusing God’s love once and for all. The heavenly trial was practically over as God has proven he is both loving and holy. Therefore Lucifer and his angels were rightfully sentenced to hell.

Lucifer was defeated at the cross and it is the cross itself that also seals his defeat at the final battle of the universe. Lucifer once thought that when mankind sinned against God and was alienated from the Most High, he could use the collective consciousness of fallen angels and man to give him greater power against the Most High. But salvation allowed man to return to the side of the Father and gave God the opportunity to turn collective consciousness against Lucifer.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, the church was born. The church formed the collective consciousness which posed a great threat to the power of Lucifer. This collective was called Christians and they were beginning to turn many souls to Jesus Christ and God Most High. The early church operated with such great power that they were performing miracles everyday and winning the hearts of many with the gospel of God’s love.

Lucifer decided that he had to do something to stop what the church was doing by all means. He knew that at the rate they were going, it would be very soon before the entire world was won over to the gospel of salvation, thereby bringing him to unsalvageable and total defeat. He decided to do something that would hinder their work on a global scale even if it meant hindering his own work in the process. He was forestalling for time in order to work out a counter to what was happening.

That was the time when he brought in the scientific community to govern collective consciousness. Lucifer’s main work was always to enlighten humans about the spiritual reality of all things and to lead them to acknowledge him as the God and Mind of the universe. The more highly conscious beings he could have on his side, the more power he could wield against the Most High through the power of collective consciousness.

But since the work that Jesus Christ had done was turning collective consciousness towards him, he decided that he had to stop the spiritual evolution of humanity and even degenerate it for the time being in order to stop the work of the church. The scientific community influenced the collective consciousness including the church in their ideas of the supernatural and of God.

The church was hindered in their ability to do miracles and also their understanding of prayer and universal laws. Therefore the power of the church dwindled until they lost a great deal of their effectiveness in doing the work of God. The majority of people in the world started to believe there was no God and that the physical universe was all there is. They started to believe in corrupted scientific theories like evolution and the big bang. They believed there was no soul to be save and death was the end of life.

Lucifer lowered the state of collective consciousness for awhile to work out how can he use what God has done and blend in into his own work once again. Lucifer realized that he could incorporate the word of God, the new testament and the gospel together with his own doctrines and religious writings. He had already done that with the old testament. Now he could make it work even better for him by transforming the gospel of salvation into different versions.

Lucifer attacks the work of God from as many angles that he could possibly work with. He created the gospel of salvation by works to hinder the church in operating by grace. He created the gospel of salvation by knowledge to cause others to transcend the teachings of Christianity. His aim has always been to attack the people of God and to empower his own people in their spiritual development.

Finally Lucifer seeks to use science to bring people back to spirituality once again at the end times. He has evolved science into uniting with religion in order to create the conscious evolution. Lucifer has devised of a way to blend Christianity with his doctrines, he is able to unite all religion, science and philosophy as one. Therefore he is now able to once again turn the power of collective consciousness against God Most high in a much greater way than ever before.

But God is still doing his work in overthrowing the work of the devil at all times. He is raising up a group of Christians that are more aware than the evolved beings of unbelievers. This group will be the very elect that will prove to be a force that Lucifer has never been able to reckon with before. They are the guardians of light that will bring the truth of salvation into the core of conscious evolution. They will shine as true light within corrupted light.

The love of God has been proven to the angelic forces, but the sovereign power of God has yet to be ultimately proven to them. God Most High has declared that Jesus Christ with the collective power of the Church and the Holy Angels, will defeat Lucifer and his fallen angels at the final battle. Satan and his devils will be finally cast into the lake of fire prepared for him from the beginning, but sadly all who did not believe in the Son of God as savior would also be cast into it for their sin of unbelief.

The first phase of physical time as we know it will come to an end. God will create a new heaven and a new earth where his new creation will dwell in for all eternity. Never again will we be separated from God and we will all exist in perpetual bliss and complete happiness. We will know that God’s love and power have been fully proven. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are indeed most loving, most powerful and Most High.

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