Achieving Goals is Path of Spiritual Development

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Achieving Goals is Path of Spiritual Development

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The true benefit of success is the person by which you become in the attainment of it. When you do all you can to achieve your goal, you develop the spiritual qualities needed to achieve it. The acquirement of success causes you to grow beyond what you are, to become more. That is why goals are good for us and they lead to spiritual development. People with no goals do not develop themselves. We all have natural desires and when we allow ourselves to pursue them, we’re transformed in the process.

Some people think that we should seek spirituality rather than the attainment of external things. But the truth is that nothing is external, everything is internal. There is no separation between inner and outer worlds because they are both one world. The world itself is your consciousness. What you do in it, you are doing in consciousness. By rejecting the external, you reject the internal. Abstain from the external and your inner world is lacking. Those who are truly enlightened embrace both worlds in totality.

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