Great Deception of False Wealth in Our World

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Great Deception of False Wealth in Our World

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Trading in the financial markets is a zero sums game. It is the same for options trading, forex trading and every form of trading. Trading is not real investment. There is no real value added to society as a whole. One form of investing creates social value, the other steals it. Many people are making money through such means without being conscious of what they are doing. They think that they are becoming rich but the truth is they are not creating true wealth at all. They are actually decreasing world wealth.

All financial trading is equivalent with gambling which is a zero sums game. Winning the lottery is also a zero sums game. Your winnings are gained by the losses of all those people who put their money into the game. Playing the game of the fools and winning at it does not make you wise. It only makes you king of the fools. Those with higher level of consciousness do not even seek to involve themselves in such games. They would rather spend their time and energy creating real wealth for everyone else.

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