Feeling the Essence of Desire is Most Important

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Feeling the Essence of Desire is Most Important

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Feeling good is the single most important part of manifesting. You can visualize and affirm all you want, but it’s your feeling that determines the energy that you’re vibrating forth. Whenever you set an intention to manifest, focus more on generating the right feeling and you will be more than halfway through. Keep your feelings positive for the most part of your daily life and you’ll manifest more positive events as a result. The more you feel what you desire instead of what you do not desire, the more you achieve.

More specifically, it is about feeling the essence of your desire. It is about feeling wealthy instead of feeling a certain amount of money or financial result. You can think of a certain amount of money that you want to manifest, but you do not have to feel that amount of money. Instead you can have a general feeling of abundance and having lots of money being drawn to you. You can visualize a certain goal you want to achieve, but you simply need to feel a general feeling of success or happiness to go along.

Be in vibrational harmony with the archetype of your intent. The upper levels of the universal mind deal with essence more than form. Near the very core of consciousness, all that exists is the one universal state of wellness. This wellness is differentiated into archetypes of wealth, health and relationship. When you are in vibrational harmony with an archetype, you attract everything that is a part of that archetype. You can specify the form you want with visualization while feeling the archetype of your intention.

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