Keep Your Personal Aura Charged with Magnetism

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Keep Your Personal Aura Charged with Magnetism

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Maintaining adequately high levels of energy and emotional states is necessary for manifestation of desires. You should keep your personal atmosphere well charged at all times by projecting magnetism into it from time to time. No special times or number of times is absolutely necessary. You must use your own judgment and feeling in this matter. You will soon learn to feel when your magnetic aura is weak, and when it is strong. Having an aura of adequate strength is important to attract desired reality state.

If you are about to come into contact with others whom you wish to influence or who may influence you, you should charge yourself well with magnetism. This means you should generate and project into your personal atmosphere a large amount of magnetism, which will render your aura strong and positive, instead of weak and negative. This rule is applicable to the case of the uses of personal magnetism in your dealing with other persons. You should learn to interact with the energies of others powerfully.

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