Emotional Connection - Energy Expand and Contract

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Emotional Connection - Energy Expand and Contract

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Energy serves as both the medium and the message of relationship. The omnipresent energy that fills our world provides the medium through which the energetics of relationship can occur. Just as whale songs travel great distances through ocean water, we communicate (we spread ourselves to others) through the energy matrix that encompasses all life on earth. At the same time, much of what we communicate to others consists of the patterns of energy that have come to define us. Like a radio station sending out its specific content, each of us continuously broadcasts our “message” to current and potential others. This message comes out of our interior world and may include a full panorama of thoughts feelings, dreams, and memories. We especially communicate any fixed or contracted patterns of emotional energy, including those of relational inheritance, social viruses, and the unresolved energies of emotional suppression.

When two or more people have a relationship, they energetically “tune in” to one another’s messages. For short and passing relationships, as with a checker at the grocery or a stranger on the street, this tuning in amounts to no more than the channel surfing of a bored television viewer. One picks up but a brief and vague hint of another and then moves on, with little effect. In more intimate relationships people essentially stay tuned to one another as senders and receivers, for longer periods of time and experience. Ideally. This means that they willingly engage in a full and mutual sharing of their innermost selves, even if they do not comprehend the energy dimensions of that sharing, that they commit themselves to honest communications (truth in sending practices), and that they actively listen for the whole message of the other, from its more overt expressions to its most subtle vibrations.

This brings us to one of the great mysteries of human relationships, why do we feel attracted to certain people? While some of the explanation certainly has to do with such externals as physical appearance, social class, education, vocation, and avocations, the full story lies in the sending and receiving of subtle patterns of energy. Each of us continuously communicates specific relationship patterns formed through our unique experiences. We tend to attract those who in some way resonate with our patterns, even as we feel attracted to those whose patterns touch or trigger something within us.

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