Mental Pivoting - Controlling Your Mental World

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Mental Pivoting - Controlling Your Mental World

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Doubts and thoughts of past failures may come to your mind from time to time. By using the technique of mental pivoting, you retain control of your mental world at all times. When a negative thought comes to mind, imagine yourself facing in the direction that you do not wish to go, and then pivoting on your feet to immediately move in the opposite direction. To pivot is to consciously change the direction of your thought. It is to deliberately choose a thought that is in vibrational harmony with your desires.

Deal with whatever comes your way in the moment. By taking responsibility and handling it, you have power. Many people allow their negative thoughts to pass them by without bothering about them. Or they just allow them to be because they can’t help thinking those thoughts. Others even think about dealing with those thoughts later. But once the moment has passed, you may forget to handle them and those thoughts just pile up in your subconscious. You take control when you handle in the present.

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