Do Everything with Intent to Get What you Want

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Do Everything with Intent to Get What you Want

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The reason why we sometimes manifest what we want and sometimes we don’t is because we are not always sending forth our intent. Sometimes we consciously intend for something to manifest and therefore we experience it happening. But then at other times we forget to consciously intend it and therefore it does not manifest during those times. Everything happens by intent and we have to keep choosing in every moment what we wish to experience. You have to intend what you want again each time.

Do things on purpose. Many people are afraid to let their motives show when they do something to get what they want. That is because they have limiting beliefs about what they can achieve. You can have whatever you want and let others know it. It is the nature of everyone to do things with intention. The whole universe operates by intention. When you allow yourself to act according to your intentions and do things on purpose, you will find yourself getting more and more of what exactly it is you want.

When you go to a place to be with attractive members of the opposite sex, go there with your intention in mind. Don’t go there pretending to yourself that you are just there to have fun when your true desire is to meet attractive people of the opposite gender. Otherwise you would be putting half hearted energy into your intent and creating half way results. You may be there to have fun as a way of detaching from your intention, but you still keep your primary focus in mind and not lose track of what you want.

When you want to become a rich person, you must do everything with the intention of becoming rich. You must intend to be rich, not just having enough or having a lot. Rich means rich! That is exactly what you intend and you do not intend anything else. That is why only the few get rich and the rest of the people do not. The rich have gotten where they are because they did everything with the intention of becoming rich and nothing less than that. When you intend to be rich, the path will be open to you.

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