Purpose of Your Soul is Joy of Reality Creation

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Purpose of Your Soul is Joy of Reality Creation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Your soul has a purpose to be here and that purpose is to enjoy creating reality here. The present is the only reality of importance, the only reality in which Reality Creation practice occurs, the only time in which happiness can be let in. What you call “my life” is an exciting game called “Planet Earth,” in which one of the main characteristics is linear time. This space-time dimension is a perfect stage on which to practice Reality Creation. If everything manifested immediately life would be chaos.

There are many planes and dimensions of reality in existence. This planetary reality is only one of many options you have. You’ve identified so strongly with the game, you have forgotten it is a game; this amnesia is part of the game. In fact, the game wouldn’t be much fun if you were constantly aware it was a game, just as you wouldn’t enjoy a movie while constantly thinking, “It’s only a movie; it’s only illusion.” No, you identify with the movie; you allow it to touch you. Unawareness is part of the process.

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