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Abundant Content - Explode Your Article Writing

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The aim of writing is to get the formless into form. Once you have put something down in print, you have captured and contained it. You have made your idea presentable. The more you do it, the more you are able to do it and the faster you become at churning out writings and crystallizing thoughts. Use whatever words you have learned in your mind to express your ideas. You don’t have to wait until you learn the perfect words. The words that you have is given to you by providence in the moment. What you have right now is enough. You can always refine everything later.
Make notes. Jot down ideas and phrases as they occur to you. Just get things down before you forget them. As an open minded writer, you should always keep a note pad or at least some post-it notes handy where ever you go or wherever you are. When an idea pops into your head, jot it down for expansion later. It is much easier to integrate or build upon existing material than it is to create from nothing.
A technique of writing is called clustering. When you have a whole bunch of notes and prewritten chucks of writing to work with, you find that you can combine and integrate selected ones into one area. You can also go looking for information from other places to pick out specific information or phrases that fit with your particular piece. You can then rearrange, reorganize and rewrite the writing in any way that you like.

Allow your writing to be free flowing and freely expressed. Do not try to stop yourself from putting whatever you are thinking into writing at the moment you are writing. Just write whatever thoughts come to your mind about the subject. You can always edit and refine later. This is the way of freewriting. You will find that you have an abundance of things to write when you do it that way.

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