Rejection is Really a Good Thing when it Happens

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Rejection is Really a Good Thing when it Happens

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are only two reasons by which something is rejected. It happens when something is not good enough for others, or it happens when something is too good for them. It is the law of attraction that governs whether something is accepted or rejected. For something to be accepted by another, it has to be in vibrational harmony with it. Otherwise it will be rejected. That which rejects you is rejected by you. Conscious dissonance creates rejection. Therefore rejection is really a good thing when it happens.

It is conscious resonance that determines harmony or conflict. When two people have similar consciousness, that’s when they harmonize with each other. When they have opposing consciousness, there will be conflict in their interaction. Rejection helps you to discover who does not vibrate at the same frequency as you, and therefore it lets you know whom not to waste your energy and resources with. By following the way of the universe, you’ll act wisely and give yourself only to those who’re truly worthy.

Value has to be perceived and appreciated in order to be embraced. You may possess great value and precious resources, but if others do not see it, then they cannot access it. When they reject you, they do not receive the gift that you have to offer to them. In order for people to be ready and suitable to experience the value that you are, they must have the capacity to perceive it. You should not cast pearls before swine as it is an unwise way to handle precious wisdom. There must be a receiver for a giver.

Birds of the same feather flock together. Chickens and eagles do not mix as they exist at very different levels. If you want to be one, you have to reject and be rejected by the other. It is those that are unwilling to be rejected that cause themselves to remain where they are. Losers vibrate at the same frequency and so do winners. The higher you go on your own path of self development, the more you will find yourself becoming not of the same frequency with others who are not with you and be rejected by them.

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