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Always Intend for The Best to Maximize Success

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In life when we experience the results that we desire, we feel very happy about it. But then we somehow fail to experience the same kind of results or better the next time. There are people who can’t seem to maintain a steady stream of their best level of achievements and wonder why this is so. The reason is because, when they were hungry for success, they put in the required intent and energy to make it happen. But once they obtained it, they did not put in the same intent for their next achievement.

If you want the best every time, you have to intend for it. Winning is not a one time thing, it is an all time thing. True victory is that which can be repeated consistently and reliably. Victory that comes only now and then signifies lack of mastery. You won’t feel confident in your victories when you don’t know for sure if you can reproduce them at will. Relying on uncontrolled factors will put your consciousness on unstable ground. When you’re more knowledgeable in the factors of success, you can control them.

When a person lacks awareness of the factors that enables him to create success at will, that is when he is prone to worry, doubt and uncertainty. Faith in success isn’t a blind belief that is not backed by reason. Champions who can have maximum faith are able to do so because they know the factors of the game so well that there is no element of ignorance that leaves them open to defeat. They know for sure that success is always within their reach, and all they have to do is execute the moves to take it.

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