Aliens and UFOs are Higher Dimensional Beings

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Aliens and UFOs are Higher Dimensional Beings

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

One of the greatest mysteries of the universe is the mystery of aliens and UFOs. People wonder if they really do exist, what are they, and where do they come from. What is most important of all is what are they here for? Physical science alone cannot explain such things because they are of a higher dimension than the physical world. We must look into knowledge of the metaphysical if we want to obtain the answers that we seek. Only those who understand the true nature of the universe can know all of it.

There have been many messages recorded by encounters with aliens. The main information that these beings are communicating with us has always been the same. The realm that they function in is a dimension in reality that is above ours. The true nature of reality is that everything is made of pure consciousness. Physical reality is only a condensed form of consciousness. The dimension that’s above physical reality vibrates at a much higher frequency. It also possesses a more thought like state of reality.

In reports of alien technology, it is revealed that alien space ships contain controls that interface directly with the pilot’s consciousness. It means that the craft is designed specially for the consciousness of the alien pilot and may not necessarily be suitable for another human to use it. An alien entity and its interstellar vehicle are one. These findings parallel esoteric teachings of creating a Merkabah which is mind generated chariot of fire for traveling in the invisible planes. Alien technology is spiritual in nature.

UFOs are transports that travel in the astral or mental plane of reality. People who have been inside a UFO for a ride have reported that they do not sense any movement when the craft moves from one location to another. No matter how fast the craft moves or how many times it changes direction, the people inside feel as though the craft is completely stationary. The secret of faster than light travel is that it takes place in the non physical dimension of the universe. A UFO moves in and out of physical reality.

Alien space crafts are usually invisible as they observe human activities because they view physical reality while hovering in the etheric plane. When they move into our plane momentarily, they can seem to appear out of nowhere. When they move back into the etheric plane, they seem to disappear without a trace. Some science fiction shows have termed this dimension as subspace. But subspace is not really space at all. Only those who know the true nature of reality is mental can truly know it.

People who encountered aliens have stated that these beings communicate through telepathy. There was no need for words when you could communicate mind to mind. Aliens are very much in tuned with the psychic level of reality. Once again, this reinforces the truth that aliens are spiritual in nature. No scientific perspective of aliens can be complete without taking into account the spiritual aspects of it. Both quantum physics and metaphysics are needed for the full understanding of the higher dimensions.

Aliens are also capable of manipulating light. There are several incidents where a beam of light shone towards a UFO is bent at a ninety degrees angle away. This is also the reason why most images and videos of UFOs lack clarity. The light is affected by the aliens while they are being filmed. Humanity is not yet fully ready to accept the existence of aliens and UFOs. Our opposing collective consciousness creates a half way effect where the manifestation of evidences can be disputed to be true or untrue.

Those that have the consciousness to perceive the reality of aliens can interpret the evidences as real, while those that don’t, interpret the evidences as false. When more people have the consciousness for higher reality, the evidences of aliens will manifest with greater effect. All these works according to the law of attraction where beliefs play a big part since the existence of aliens and UFOs are very much mental in nature. They are not just a figment of our imagination but they possess spiritual existence.

Aliens are really angels. They are spiritual beings capable of taking on any form. They sometimes appear as reptilian forms and small grey creatures with large heads at other times. But in their truest form, they are pure light beings with humanoid shape. In biblical terms, the stars of the universe signify angelic entities. When you know the nature of angelic existence, you will find it very similar to the nature of aliens because they are one and the same. Higher dimensional reality is spiritual and mental reality.

The agenda of these angelic aliens is to help humanity evolve spiritually. They are here to assist the ascension of planet earth. Their constant interactions with humans are to open up our minds to the worlds beyond our own and to alter our genetic codes. This is like Noah’s time where fallen angels merged with humanity. These fallen angels seek to raise collective consciousness towards mass enlightenment so that the earth vibrations will become more forth dimensional. This is how aliens infiltrate the world.

Half of what the aliens are doing is right while the other half is wrong. It is a good thing for them to aid humanity in its evolution, but much of these alien interventions are done by fallen angels. The true angels usually don’t intervene with humanity in this manner. The fallen angels are following a grand agenda of their leader Lucifer to lead mankind towards a collective mentality that there is no personal God. Much of the alien work is Anti-Christ in nature. We have to use what is good and discard what is evil.

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