Intelligence, Love and Beauty are the Same Thing

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Intelligence, Love and Beauty are the Same Thing

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Intelligence, love and beauty are the same thing called Truth. To understand this, we simply have to know the relationship between the third and fourth dimension of reality. Objects in the third dimension are cross sections of their complete form in the fourth dimension. To make it easier to understand this Transdimensional relationship, we can picture it using two dimensional and three dimensional forms. Man can be considered as a Cube. When a cube passes through a plane or flat piece of land, it will form different shapes on the plane depending on the orientation of the cube against the plane.

If the cube is passing through the plane at an uneven angle, it will form the shape of an irregular polygon on the plane. The most perfect angle for the cube to pass through the plane is when it forms a square. It means the cube is “square” to the plane. This is symmetry, harmony, stability, balance and wholeness. Imagine this relationship between the cube and the plane as the relationship between our fourth dimensional selves and the third dimensional world. This is the secret of living a life of harmony.

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