Build Yourself In Complete Faith With Prayer

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Build Yourself In Complete Faith With Prayer

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Faith is the workings of consciousness. You need to have faith to manifest anything that you desire. Faith is a state where your consciousness is in alignment with your desire. Intending is a conscious realignment of our consciousness on what we want. Prayer is a form of intending. We tend to lose faith over time therefore we must pray to rebuild our faith. Build up yourself on your most holy faith with prayer. Holy faith is wholly faith. The first use of prayer is for edification. It’s to make faith complete again.

We all have a personal magnetic energy field that determines what we attract into our reality. When that energy field is weak, our power of attraction is weak. When that energy field is strong, our power of attraction is strong. You build up your energy field with prayer. Everything in the universe is energy. When energy is not replenished, it diminishes over time as it is converted to other forms. Anything that is alive undergoes a constant act of renewal. You have to keep your faith alive by praying unceasingly.

It is a mechanics of the universe that when you put in 68 seconds of pure thought, it will soon be on its way to manifestation. Many people never hold a thought for more than a few seconds, that’s why they fail to manifest much desires in life. Those who pray weak and fleeting prayers also never get much answer. When you understand the workings of the universe, you can pray more effective prayers. Spend enough time in prayer to have answers arriving. Those that seek God diligently shall be rewarded.

Only emotionalized thoughts have any action influence upon the subconscious mind. A thought only becomes emotionalized when it has been concentrated upon with enough energy. Prayer is a means to emotionalize your thoughts. The subconscious mind affects the universal field of energy which alters reality manifestations. When you pray, you are also carrying your thoughts to the subconscious mind. You are accessing the place of all power where what you want can be delivered to you magically.

Pray in the secret place where there is no interference or distractions. Prayer is a sacred thing. When you pray, you are in direct and intimate communication with The Source. It is just you and God, and no one else. You do not wish to share the space of prayer except with someone special. Your most powerful prayers can take place when you are by yourself. When you are alone, there are no conflicting thoughts from other people to interfere with your prayer. Your frequency is free from contamination.

You have a legal claim to that which you ask for in prayer when you know you are a son of God. All things working according to law on all levels of the universe. When you pray, you are making a claim. Powerful prayers are prayers that come from a place of beingness. You attract what you are. If you think prayer is begging God, then you are praying from a place of no position. If you pray with the consciousness that you are a divine being with joint ownership of the universe, your prayers emanate authority.

Believe that you have received all that you ask. It is sealed by the blood of Jesus. The most sacred contracts have a blood seal upon them which means they cannot be broken. Such is the level of confidence you can have when you pray for the manifestation of your desires. Put yourself in the state of receiving. Imagine that what you want is already on its way and it is fully secured for you. You won’t have to worry, doubt or fear if it wouldn’t come because it will. The feeling of faith is the feeling of assurance.

Put your trust in God more than your prayer itself. Believe that your faith in God always works and your hope in him never disappoints. Prayer is dependence on God. It is an expression that you are depending on the divine when you pray. It is the great act of honor and humility. You are not relying on your own strength but on the strength of God. Do not think that you are acknowledging power to something external when you pray. God is your innermost true self. Prayer is connecting to the core and essence.

Leave with a feeling of assurance or faith. Pray until you reach a point of faith, and then stop. Pray until you feel a feeling of fullness. That is when it is enough. The energy system within you knows when it is full, and will let you know by feeling. It lets you know how long to pray about a matter. You do not want to leave with some lingering doubts and anxiety. Therefore pray complete prayers. Prayer is a deliberate act of redirecting your consciousness onto what you pray for until it becomes your only reality.

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