Sexual Energy - Creative Force in Life

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Sexual Energy - Creative Force in Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In humans we see the movement of sexual energies prior to and independent of conception and reproduction. Most adolescents feel powerfully compelled by the sexual energies surging through their bodies long before and quite apart from any thoughts of propagating the race. They spend much of their teen years navigating the partly delicious, partly tormenting currents of sexual vibration. Adolescents feel urgently attracted to certain others, as if thrust together by nuclear-magnetic forces. They worry incessantly about their attractiveness or perceived lack thereof. They rush headlong into sexual and genital play with little thought to consequences and with little understanding of what it all means. They dance this oldest of all dances simply because they must, because as living creatures they must become channels for life’s vital energies.

Meanwhile, we the hapless adults, former adolescents all, look upon our budding children with furrowed brows and gnashing teeth. We take legitimate concerns over unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and turn them into evil horrors come to prey on foolish sinners. We try to scare young people sexless. We badger them with “Just say no” and “Wait until marriage.” While the advertising and entertainment industries broadcast an unremitting mantra of “Sex is good! Do it now! You’ll be cool,” we, the serious, ever nay saying authorities, counter with “Well, no, I mean, sex isn’t bad, I guess, but, I mean, well, just don’t do it.” We wonder why they never listen.

Adolescents need to hear a simple, consistent, honest message that uplifts and beatifies their beautiful bodies, that extols the glories of sexual pleasure, that clearly lays out the benefits and risks of genital play, along with proven ways for reducing harm, that fully informs them about the moving energies of emotion, sex and creativity, and that teaches them to effectively channel their awesome creative energies to make the world a better place. More than anything, we all need to understand and embrace our function as energy-channeling cocreators of this world.

Like sunlight and rain, the sexual-emotional energies flowing within and around us provide critical nourishment to our manifesting world. Energy, as it moves through human beings, becomes matter. Energy-in-motion serves as the raw material with which we participate in the cocreation of reality. Each of us succeeds or fails in life to the degree that we give form and direction to this creative force.

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