Power of Expectation - Cultivating Your Desire

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Power of Expectation - Cultivating Your Desire

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The power of expectation is a key element in manifesting your desires. Expect to see what you intend to see. Visualize it like it has already happened. You cannot intend one thing and expect another to happen if you want to be in full alignment with your intent. Some say that they want one thing, but yet they are still thinking about the way things have been and actually expecting things to continue being the same way. You must focus on how you want things to be, by deliberately expecting them to happen.

After sending forth your intent through prayer or pure thought, be looking forward for it to happen. Expect and anticipate that it is going to happen. It is almost like you are so sure of it being in the natural order of things that you have no doubt about its impending appearance. Expectation is the spiritual equivalent of seeing that you’re moving towards your destination in the physical world. You can’t see the spiritual world with your physical eyes because it’s invisible but you can see it with your act of expecting.

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