Power of Contrast Gives us Fullness of Experience

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Power of Contrast Gives us Fullness of Experience

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In the beginning, there was no good or evil, light or darkness. That which existed was undefined There was only good and light that existed. But the light wasn’t called light, or the good called good. It wasn’t called anything at all. It was simply it. The unnamed. All concepts and definitions existed in the universal mind. In order to define something, you have to manifest its opposite to compare with it.

Opposites exist for the fullness of experience. They are neither good nor evil but are neutral. Light was separated into a greater and lesser version of itself so that we may experience light and darkness. Everything else was separated into a greater and lesser version of itself so that we may experience more of it and less of it. Whenever we have two quantity experience of a thing, we are able to fully appreciate each of those quantities uniquely, in contrast with each other.

The soft enables us to appreciate the hard, and the hard enables us to appreciate the soft. The fast enables us to appreciate the slow, and the slow enables us to appreciate the fast. That is why we love a mix of opposite sensations for fullness of experience. We might say we want something, yet we also want its corresponding opposite in order to be fully satisfied. That is why human beings can seem contradictory, conflicting and complicated sometimes. But this secret resolves the mystery.

All opposites can be classified into feminine and masculine qualities. The feminine is dark, cold, wet, receptive, contracting and hidden. The masculine is bright, warm, dry, assertive, expansive and manifested. Feminine and masculine attract and repel each other at the same time. It is because the feminine and masculine seek to experience each other while keeping themselves apart of each other. The feminine and masculine are really a-part of each other. They are really opposite aspects of the same thing.

The measure of the pendulum’s swing to the right is the measure of the pendulum’s swing to the left. The greater the difference in quantities you experience about a particular thing with itself, the greater your appreciation will be about each aspect. For every bad quality that you may perceive about a situation no matter how intense it is, there is an equally intense amount of good quality about it if you see if from a different perspective. So rejoice to know that things are extremely good when extremely bad.

Understanding that contrast creates greater appreciation of a thing in comparism with its opposite, you can use contrast to increase other people’s appreciation of things. In order to expand something, first shrink it. In order to fill something, first empty it. People tend to appreciate what is given to them more when it is taken away. The good that they may have at first will appear to be greater after it is taken away and returned. We always appreciate what we have more when we know what it is like not having it.

We can use the power of contrast to perceive situations in ways that are useful to us. If you look clearly into every situation that comes your way, there is always a gift for you to receive. Unpleasant experiences help us notice what we love best in contrast to its absence in our life. Results that you do not desire help you to be more clear about what you truly desire. Every curse is a blessing in disguise. If you look at things in an empowering way, you can always align yourself with the flow of greatest good.

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