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Make Every Act A Success with Will and Focus

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are people who take action after action, and sometimes they fail and sometimes they succeed. It may seem like that is the way to do things. But yet there are the ones who can take action and each time produce results that are considered to be success. There is a key difference in the way things are being done, that separates the successful people from the super successful ones. When you learn that success can come each time you do anything, you can have power to make every act a success.

What makes something successful depends on the intent and energy you put into it. All of creation is the result of intent and energy. When you put in the required intent and energy to make anything happen, it can turn out no other way but a success. The reason why people who take lots of action seem to succeed some of the time and fail at other times, is because they are not approaching each task with full intent of success. They are approaching each act as an attempt rather than doing the work fully.

Your beliefs determine the reality you are capable of experiencing. If you believe that you may not succeed in everything you do, then that is the reality you experience. If you believe that it is absolutely possible to experience success each and every time you truly do anything, then that is the reality you experience. What separates the successful from the super successful is a whole world view of difference. The super successful think and act like God and that’s why they attain godlike results of success.

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