Judgment is Required for Making Better Choices

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Judgment is Required for Making Better Choices

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Judgment is the means by which we declare what something is or isn’t. To judge is to discern and to define. It is a fallacy that we should have a non judgmental attitude about all things. The truth is that we are always judging because perception is judgment. There can be no perception without a structure by which perception takes place with. In order to understand anything, we have to define it and therefore judge it to be this and not that. Judgment occurs all the time whether consciously or unconsciously.
When we say something is better, we are saying everything else is not as good. Judgment is necessary to do things better. If we shouldn’t judge, then there would be no means to improve things. Chaos would be everywhere as there would be no order by which things are governed. The universe itself has a judgment program and if we align our judgment with it, we are able to judge things correctly. Judging in alignment with the universe is what it truly means by observing what is. It is non-judgment judgment.
Without judgment, our lungs would not be able to breathe because they couldn’t perceive the difference between air and not air. Without judgment, we cannot know what is hotter or colder, heavier or lighter, brighter or darker. Therefore judgment is the nature of the universe and consciousness itself. Even judgment of better or worse is an aspect of consciousness. Things of higher vibration and higher order are part of the universal judgment program. The universe judges and therefore we should judge as well.
Judgment is necessary for improving ourselves. It is also the means for evolution of consciousness. If there was no judgment, there would be no need to advance because there is no difference between one level and the next. When we think there is better, then it means here is not as good. This is how we are motivated to move from one place to another. Judgment creates a duality. Perfect judgment is to accept both sides of the duality and move in the direction you choose. See both separation and unity.

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