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Develop Success Consciousness in All you Do

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The reason for many failures is that people did not start of with a success consciousness. Most people start off in doing something and hoping that they will get what they want. But the successful ones started by knowing they would make it. A success consciousness is a state of mind in which you cannot see yourself as anything else but a success. When you have a genuine success consciousness, it does not mean you might succeed, it is a definite guarantee of success.

Success comes from knowing that you can instead of wondering if you could or wishing that you could. When you desire to accomplish something, start thinking that you can achieve it, even though at the present it might not be exactly true for you. When you think that you can, you will find that instead of your mind closing to the task and feeling that it is beyond you, it will begin to open up to understanding how simple it is for you to accomplish it. When you start anything with success consciousness, you will be guided to think the thoughts and do the actions that will bring success.

Besides knowing that you can, you must also decide that you will. You can do anything, but when you decide that you will do it, that is when you will start working to make what is possible a reality. Many people fail to get anything done because they can’t even get started. The reason for procrastination is when a person does not yet feel totally ready to work on a task by having everything else already dealt with or set aside.

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