Creating Money by Magnetizing Yourself to It

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Creating Money by Magnetizing Yourself to It

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

One of the aspects of wealth creation is the process of magnetizing yourself to money. Magnetization is the pure act of working with your energy field which is your feeling and mental state. You can work on all the other aspects of wealth creation such as selling ability, business system and product appeal, but the great difference can come when you work on the magnetization aspect. Magnetization literally pulls in many ways by which money can come to you. That is to work on the etheric realm of creation.

To magnetize money to you, you must believe yourself to be a magnet. Energy flows where attention goes. It is your mind that shapes and directs the universal energy. Everything is fundamentally universal energy manifested in different forms. Money is also a form of energy, and you can manipulate the flow of money in your life through the process of directing universal energy. Whatever you mentally link the universal energy towards, you will be manipulating that thing in mind. Use your mind to manifest.

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