Being Contented while Pursuing your Purpose

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Being Contented while Pursuing your Purpose

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

We are always aiming to achieve more. We believe that once we have reached a certain quota, we would have established the amount that would make us happy enough.

The truth is, if you cannot appreciate what you have in this moment, you won’t be able to appreciate anything else, because even if you have one million in your account, you will need two million to be happy. And on and on and on. Having a sense of direction is really having a goal. The difference is, our actions are more geared towards self expression as opposed to personal acquisition.

It is like being naturally driven as opposed to externally driven. Internally driven action (sense of direction) translates into “I am already perfect, whole and complete, I have plenty and I would like to share.” Externally driven action (goals) translate into “I need something to make me perfect, whole and complete.” This is a fear based action that will have you chasing something for the rest of your life because no matter what do you have or accomplish, there is always something more you need to have.

There is nothing wrong with having goals for they will provide you with what you want. It is just that the things we want may not necessarily be the best things for us. Yet, when we trust our inner guidance, we not only enjoy the things we are doing at every moment but we also seem to experience nonresistance or what some say, effortless accomplishments. This allows us to experience peace as opposed to the stress that comes as a result of trying to make things happen or forcing things to happen which in every case just creates more problems resulting in physical imbalances or diseases.

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