Perfect Manifesting Happens With a Clean Heart

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Perfect Manifesting Happens With a Clean Heart

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

An important thing to have for the successful manifestation of your desire is a clean heart. The heart is your subconscious mind. Having a clean heart simply means that your subconscious mind is clear of any impressions that might pollute the purity of your intent. If you try to manifest your desire while holding conflicting subconscious impressions, you’ll not manifest what you wish for perfectly. Getting clear is one of the most important steps to send a strong and clear signal for the universe to manifest.

When you have two images in your heart, they will overlap one another. You need to remove one of them for the other to show clearly. Even if you try to paint a new image without removing the old one, it will still show through. Old images are old limiting beliefs based on past related experiences that you haven’t resolved. This is the reason why certain problems recur over and over again even though you are in a new environment, with new people. In order to bring the new in fully, the old must be taken away.

You may wish to manifest a new romantic relationship. You go about visualizing the perfect partner and everything good about the relationship. But you still have old fears and unresolved inner issues which you carry over from your last relationship. What you will actually manifest is whatever you visualized plus the fears you still hold about relationships. Both old and new images are projected because your heart has not been cleansed. You must clear your heart of all old related beliefs that you’re holding on.

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