How Genius fits into Mass Mind of Humanity

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How Genius fits into Mass Mind of Humanity

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The highly intelligent tend to be more introverted than the rest of the general population. Highly intelligent people are more introverted because introversion correlates to esotericism. The word esoteric means inner or internally directed. Highly intelligent people are more focused on their inner world of thoughts and mental perceptions than the outer world of events. That is why they are more contemplative, intuitive and thoughtful. Highly intelligent people tend to be misunderstood by those who’re unlike them.

People in general tend to tell an introvert that he is too serious, or ask if he is ok. Some regard him as aloof or even arrogant and rude. There are those who try to draw him out thinking there is something wrong with him not being so friendly, social or external. It can be rather annoying sometimes for the highly intelligent introvert when others think such stupid things about him because their nature is different from his. Highly intelligent people have trouble learning to suffer fools gladly or at all in this crazy world.

Highly intelligent people find it hard to socialize and interact with the masses because others do not share their interests, their language or their way of doing things. That is why highly intelligent people are normally uncomfortable with social interactions and prefer to keep to themselves, than converse with those who would bore the hell out of them. Highly intelligent people love deep and long one on one conversation that explore profound thoughts or fascinating ideas instead of shallow or small talk in groups.

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