Returning to The Center to Know Ultimate Truth

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Returning to The Center to Know Ultimate Truth

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There is a path of spirituality known as the middle way or middle path. Followers of the middle path seek to practice moderation in everything and to refrain from extremes. This may seem like a good way to live, but there is an even better and truer way to live the middle path. The real middle path is actually the path of extremes. There are two opposite extremities from the middle and those who go the path of extremes seek to travel to both extremities. This is counter intuitive and yet it’s the way that works.

The more you know where the extremes are, the more you can know where the center really is. This is the whole point of going to the extremes. When you travel the path of extremes, you have a much wider base as your center. You are not as narrow as others in their way of the middle path, but you have much more room, more range and more degree of freedom to maneuver with than them. Knowledge is power and power brings freedom. You attain knowledge of extremes which gives you freedom of action.

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