Shifting Into New Perspective of Your Reality

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Shifting Into New Perspective of Your Reality

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The present is the point of power. The power is not in the past or in the future. Always keep this in mind in order to retain your power with you. The reason why people fall into a state of powerlessness is because they have placed their power in the past or the future. Those who are powerful always act from the present moment. It does not matter what has happened, or what may be on the way to happening. Just remember that every moment is a new beginning where your freewill can turn the course at will.

You not only form your reality, but you form your reality from the present moment. Your entire timeline of past, present and future is one ever shifting flux of energy. In this moment now, you are forming your perceived past, present and future all over again. You can shape perceived past and future events from the present. Time is not static. The past, present and future are constantly interacting with each other in the present moment. You can influence the past from the present to influence its alternate future.

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