Allow Your Feelings to Go with Your Manifestation

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Allow Your Feelings to Go with Your Manifestation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Your primary area of manifestation is what everything else circles around. Focus on one area to create success with the greatest probability. The secret of power is in the use of concentration. Many people fail to manifest much in their lives because they do not drop all else for the establishment of a single area of desire. Those who achieve a significant measure of success in any area of their life choose to be single minded in their intent. Let every other intent be secondary compared to your primary intention.

Contrary to mass conception, it is perfectly natural to allow your happiness to flow according to money, success or anything that is important to you. Many have been taught to think that it is wrong to let your feelings be affected by material things. This faulty thinking is the reason why many people remain where they are and never really achieve much improvement in their lives. Our feelings are affected by the things we want due to very natural reasons. We must realize how to use feelings for our success.

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