Giving and Receiving with Joy

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Giving and Receiving with Joy

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

All giving is an expression of joy. All giving is giving of joy. We give because of love. Love desires to give joy and happiness.
Whenever you give anything, you give something spiritual along with it. The feeling that you give with is the spirit of your giving. The feeling is the energy of your giving. When you give with joy, the energy that you send forth is that of joy. But when you give with the lack of joy, the energy that goes with your gift is a negative one.
When we give, we are not just giving a thing but we are also giving the energy that goes along with our giving. The energy that you give with is really more important than the gift itself. The essence is always joy although the form can be anything. When you give with joy and happiness, you bless the gift with the energy of joy and happiness and it will flourish with whom you give it to.   
As you sow, so you shall reap. What goes around comes around. The energy you give out is the energy that returns to you. That is the reason why God wants you to be a cheerful giver.
Try to arrange your giving at times when you are feeling positive, happy and joyous. Try to refrain from giving when you are feeling down, negative and upset. Unless you know that you will definitely feel the opposite after doing so. Sometimes your energy is negative and you want to refrain from giving it away as much as possible because whatever you give multiplies. The only time to express your negativity is when it won’t affect anyone negatively or it is to a friend who is there to share your sorrows. That person is in an emphatic state to receive your negativity and dampen its effect or transmute it to positivism.

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