Learning to See Initial Signs of Manifestation

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Learning to See Initial Signs of Manifestation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

When it comes to manifestation, one must not despise the day of small things. There usually come signs of land before land is finally sighted. Just as Noah in the Ark received an olive leaf from the dove, we sometimes receive initial signs of manifestation before the actual manifestation itself. Those signs are there to let us know that our desire is on the way. What we ask is already given. We simply have to allow it into our experience with patience. The unfoldment is usually a gradual process in due time.

We may often mistake the sign for the manifestation itself and therefore feel disappointed. We may think that the universe doesn’t know how to answer us exactly as we desire. But what man would give his son a stone when he asks for bread? If even evil men know how to give good things to their children, how much more shall the divine give good things to those that ask? When we simply regain awareness that it is an initial sign, we can look forwards in expectation that what we want is soon to manifest.

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