Law of Creative Harmony - Ultimate Order of The Universe

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Law of Creative Harmony - Ultimate Order of The Universe

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The law of creative harmony states that the Universe supports all intentions and actions that contribute to the greater good, and opposes all intentions and actions are detrimental to the greater good. According to the Law of One, all things in the universe are One, and therefore anything that acts in accordance with this Oneness is going with the Tao or the Way of the Universe/Nature, and anything that acts from a place of separation or disconnection is going against the Tao, which will come to an end.

The essence of the Universe is Oneness. Harmony is the underlying nature of the Universe. Oneness, Unity and Harmony are the basic qualities that the Universe operates on. Those who know that are enlightened. The more one is able to understand oneness and creative harmony in all areas of life and situations, the more enlightened one is in viewing and interacting with reality. The more one opposes the creative harmony and order of the universe, the more unenlightened they actually are.

There is a force underlying everything that exists or happens, and it is a unifying, creative, harmonious force. This force is the energy of Source. Source itself is the origin of everything. Everything in the universe receives its energy from Source in order to exist. Without the energy from Source, a thing would disintegrate and cease to be. This One Creative Force acts as a governor that resists disharmony and things that will pull apart from the whole and encourages all things that support or add to the whole.

In other words, the law of creative harmony states that the Universe supports and encourages those energies and influences that add to the whole, and resists those energies and influences that pull apart from the whole. When you or someone else’s reality creation is not in harmony with the underlying creative energy wave of the universe wave, that creation will be in a state of decay. The universe’s core operating system does not support it, and so the countercurrents of creation tear it down.

Even if we do not destroy them directly, the enemy will have to destroy themselves. People who oppose the greater good have been taken out of the way either by disease or some other calamity. They may find themselves unable to continue either due to lack of energy, or obstruction and distraction coming their way. All life comes from Source, and anything that resists the flow of life is disconnected from Source and is therefore doomed to destruction. Source supports what is like itself and not what isn’t.

The nature of Source is Well-Being. It is said that God is good, and that is true. God is good, and not evil. Evil is the opposite of what God is. There is also a need to tell what is really good or not good. The key is in understanding creative harmony. Anything that is truly good is viewed from an enlightened perspective of creative harmony, oneness and unity. Anything that’s viewed from a place of separation and against creative harmony is unenlightened and coming from a mistaken notion of right and wrong.

There is One Source here and everything is a part of that One, and exists as a channel and instrument of that One. The One Source is what supplies all the energy, creativity, ideas and value to everyone. It is unenlightened when one claims to be the originator of something and therefore has the right to decide whether others have the right to use it and how they should use it. Every policy of how things should be done should be determined by viewing from the position of the One Source and Unity.

For example, knowledge, ideas and truth are from the One Source. Nobody has the right to claim exclusive use to knowledge, ideas and truth. The same thing goes for Art, Science and Technology. It is the Universe that speaks through the individual, it is the Universe that paints through the individual, it is the Universe that writes, creates and acts through the individual. And it does so for the sake of Itself and every other part of Itself. There is only One Source, One Creator, One Painter, One Writer, One.

The ones who claim that others are stealing from them what actually came from the universe is actually trying to steal from others what the Universe has given to all. To make the proper decisions of when credit should be given, how it should be given, how something should be shared, depends on one’s level of enlightenment and connection with Spirit. The more one raises the level of enlightenment in all things and constantly connecting with God/Spirit, the more they can perceive what’s rightful.

Those who go against the law of creative harmony or the Tao ultimately come to an end. There are those who try to prevent others from duplicating or making use of the technology and inventions that they have created. These things come from the Universe. But when people try to stop the creative flow from being spread, they are working against the Universe, and also working against themselves. Such people resisting the flow of well-being end up creating terminal diseases and even end up dying earlier.

The same goes for the use of works in writing, art, and anything that the universe has given through the individual for the benefit of the whole. It is ironic that some people have been a channel for creativity to flow through, and yet become the very same blocks that stand in the way of creativity being spread or duplicated and utilized. Some think that they have a right to control how their ideas and inventions are spread and utilized by others, when that only gets in the way of creative harmony and freedom.

Creative harmony is the ultimate order of the universe. This is how you determine what is truly right and wrong. This is not a place where anything goes otherwise there would be chaos. There is an Order, a Divine Order to all things. When you know the Tao, you know the divine order, and the rightness and wrongness of all things will become apparent and with perfect reasoning. This is how you can have confidence when doing what you know to be right even against other’s ideas of right and wrong.

When God is for you, who can be against you? You shall not fear what men may do to you because God is your helper. Be strong and be very courageous that you may observer to do all that is according to the law of creative harmony, and you will make your way prosperous, and you shall have good success. We do not want just success, but good success. Success can come by doing only what is safe and does not offend others, but good success is when what you are doing is truly good for all.

So it is not true that all thoughts both good and evil have equal power to create. Positive thoughts are more powerful than negative thoughts in their power to create. That is because positive thoughts are going with the law of creative harmony, whereas negative thoughts are going against it. You find that many of your negative thoughts do not manifest because the universe does not support it as much, whereas in many cases your positive thoughts come to pass even without a lot of conscious effort towards it.

All positive thoughts are not equal either. The more creative harmony a positive thought possesses, the more power it has to manifest. You could have a positive thought to have more money. But you could have a positive thought to have more money by adding to the increase of life in other people through a service or some value provided. Hence, the second thought is more positive because it comes with greater creative harmony than the first. Always go with positive intent and think in terms of Win/Win.

The law of creative harmony works together with the law of evolution, and it is actually also the law of evolution. Anything that works against the flow of creative harmony is going against evolution, and since evolution is the flow of life, anything that goes against evolution is going against life, and therefore it is death. That which causes death will end up causing death unto itself. Choose life. Life is intelligence. Choose to raise your level of intelligence and life to create more life for yourself and all in this world.

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