Polarizing Your Mental Levels to the Positive

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Polarizing Your Mental Levels to the Positive

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The Principle of Polarity empowers you to transmute an undesirable situation to the other end of the pole and manifest a desirable situation. If something undesirable is present in your life, it means its “opposite” is also present. A fearful man through the process of raising his mental vibrations along the line of fear and courage can be filled with the highest degree of courage and fearlessness. A slothful person may change himself into an active, energetic person by polarizing along the lines of desired quality.

This Principle works by lifting your mental vibrations to a higher level to banish the undesirable and attract the desirable. Let’s use the example of money. One end of the money pole is “prosperity,” where you have as much money as you could possibly desire. “Poor” is the other end, where there isn’t enough money to meet your needs. In between these two extremes are countless financial situations in between poverty and prosperity. You can use the principle of polarity to influence your financial situation.

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