Self is God - Your Consciousness is Light of Life

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Self is God - Your Consciousness is Light of Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

We are created in the image of God. The God Self is our higher self. In order for us to relate to God, there has to be within each of us already a self concept which fits into God because it is in its shape or pattern, an incarnation of God’s inner nature. We cannot escape from God anywhere because we carry the divine essence within us.
In the beginning was the one consciousness existing in the midst of nothingness. The one consciousness was not exactly a person. It was just pure consciousness which you could call God. The consciousness was LOVE, and Love had to be Expressed.
So the consciousness differentiated into Three Persons. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father was the one who loves, the Son is the beloved, the Holy Spirit is the self-conscious spirit of that love. Hence the trinity is One God in Three Persons.
Three divine persons of the same divine essence. They are One Being with three distinct personalities within itself. These three form the Godhead of the God Consciousness. We are all of the same divine essence which is Consciousness itself. Therefore we are all One Being with the trinity.
You could say We Are All God. But within the one being, there are many personalities. The Person of God which is the Most High Personality is The WORD. It is the Consciousness back of The Word that projects The WORD. The WORD himself is in the Father, and the Holy Spirit is in The WORD. The trinity is the Divine Ego of God. It’s nature is perfect and complete.
We are all God. The same unbounded potential of the infinite spirit also resides in each and every one of us. But we can only tap into the power of consciousness according to the level of awareness that we have. The trinity has the greatest level of awareness of all personalities within God, therefore the trinity has sovereign power.

The trinity is the original and personal expression of God. God as a person is most glorious and worthy of praise and worship. Therefore God in the trinity, decided to create more personalities within itself to express praise and worship to God in the trinity.
God was most glorious and therefore deserves to be glorified. For glory to be expressed, there needs to be a glorifier. Therefore God in the trinity created Angels to glorify God in the trinity. Angels are not sovereign like the trinity because sovereignty can only belong to one and only one. The trinity is one and therefore the trinity is sovereign.
God in the trinity created the first personality apart from the trinity to glorify God in the trinity. That personality was called the Bearer of God’s Light. He was the first angel that came into being in heavenly Eden. Every precious stone was his covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold.
He was the workmanship of God. He possessed all the musical instruments and was the master musician of heaven. He expressed the most glorious praise and worship to the Godhead and filled the heavens with the dance of light and sound. It was the most beautiful and awe inspiring spectacle to behold.
God in the trinity created all the other angels as well and all of heaven was filled with their praise and worship which glorified God with the fullest expression. But there came a time when the Bearer of Light, Lucifer started to question the sovereignty of God in the trinity.
Lucifer reasoned that it is the divine essence alone that is God and not the three persons who act as the Godhead. The divine essence is the one consciousness that everything exists from. Therefore he believes that he himself can become a divine person of God. This is the ultimate reasoning he used to persuaded a third of heaven’s angels in joining him to become sovereign. He claimed that they all have the right to be like the Most High.
Lucifer questioned why is there a need to worship God if we ourselves are God. Lucifer believes that we ourselves are God and there is no other God besides us. He says that we create our own gods when we believe in a God apart from ourselves. That is why Lucifer is also called Belial, the one without a master.
Lucifer became the opposition of God and was called Satan which means opposition and accuser. Satan represents Doubt. God did not want Adam and Eve to eat of the Tree of Good and Evil. It was Satan, the most intelligent created being, who stood up against God’s word by claiming it to be enforced ignorance. Satan tells mankind to search for knowledge, even in forbidden places.
Scientists continuously test and refine their knowledge. Nothing is assumed to be true. Everything is tested, old theories are constantly retested whenever new knowledge comes to light. To be safe in knowledge and blissfully ignorant of doubt is an easy way out. A self failure. Satan and the curiosity and doubt he instills upon us is certainly the enemy of fundamentalism. This is both a good and a bad thing depending on the motive.
Satan said let us test God’s word, let us not mindlessly believe all that God says. But there is a portion that we should test, and a portion that we should believe. Enlightenment is the ability to look past stated truth and dogma, and Lucifer represents our search for enlightenment. He was originally created to enlighten but he has corrupted his role. Lucifer has stolen ‘God’s’ power and reveals it to us as a new truth, that your consciousness is the light of your life.
What Satan says is half true. Consciousness is the universal aspect of God but the trinity is the personal aspect of God. Satan has separated from the personal aspect and seeks only to unite with the universal aspect of God. He has corrupted his wisdom with his reasoning because his heart was no longer with the personal aspect of God, but was enraptured with his own glory, thinking himself to be as high as the trinity, and that true love can be experienced purely within the self.
It is not enough to know that the Self Is God, but also to know that God is a Person who revealed himself in the Word of God. God is a Person we can have a Personal Relationship with. To know that he personally came to save us from condemnation of evil by taking our condemnation upon himself and gave us his righteousness as a gift. He also rose again from the dead so that we may forever stand justified in the eyes of The Father. There is no greater love than a man who would give his life for a friend.
The trinity is God Most high and is worthy and deserving of all our praise and worship. We praise and worship God as a Person not because we have to, but because it is most joyful, wonderful and loving to do so. Salvation is in the end to become like God. Not just like the universal aspect but the personal aspect as well. To become like God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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