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Be Powerful By Bending the World with Your Will

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Since all things are mind, to use psychokinetic influence on another object is the movement of one mind over another. All magick is communication. By making an object move with your mind, you are communicating with it to move. The elements of communication are intent, emotion and consciousness. The stronger the communication, the stronger will be these elements, and the stronger the effect of the communication will be. All communication is movement of information and causing change in the mind.

Since Psychokinesis is moving anything with the mind, you can also use psychokinetic influence on the minds of others with your mind. To move anything is to exert power, and power to him who exerts power. All movement is for the purposes of creating change whether positive or negative, and the greater the change being made, the greater the power of the person being exerted. This is what is meant by being powerful. All powerful men seek to exert their will over the world whether it is for good or bad.

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