Being Authentic with your Feelings

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Being Authentic with your Feelings

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Be authentic with your feelings. Know what you really want and don’t look away from it. Know how you really feel and why it is so. Don’t reframe your feelings away by reinterpreting the situation. By doing so, you will not be facing the real problem. You will miss out something you should discover. You must know when to perceive and when to control your mental operations.
There are times when it is right to change your feelings by reframing your mind, but there are also times when you should not try to change them but to experience them instead. Your feelings are meant to be used and not discarded. Let your actions flow with your feelings, they are there for a purpose. Always ride on your positive emotions whenever you can.
When you are unhappy, it is because you are not getting what you want. Allow yourself to be authentic about what you want and to feel the desire. Desire force attracts what you want towards you. Desire directs your will towards willing it to happen. Follow your desire, it brings you to your place in the universe. Focus on what you want or need and you will get it. Focus on God and God will Be in your life.
Sometimes negative emotions are meant for you to make use of and to transmute into its equivalent opposite through action. We make the mistake of thinking that we’re supposed to have certain feelings and not others. Every emotion has its own purpose and use. Some are emotions meant to be altered while others are meant to be felt.

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