Living by Faith above Signs and Synchronicities

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Living by Faith above Signs and Synchronicities

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Synchronicities are God’s gift or means to message you, providing direction and confirmation on issues that deeply pertain to or concern us like someone we deeply care for, or a job decision or other personal matter that only you know what the synchronicities pertain to. But sometimes you wonder why God seems to bring you closer to the person or the thing you desire when conditions aren’t right because it seems then, you will again sustain another hurt.

You might reflect and say that you don’t understand synchronicities then. You can drive yourself nutty not understanding why the synchronicities even occurred. The may have been alot of them, when contrary to what they all indicate. You may have difficulty understanding the concept of synchronicity as before, it gave you hope, but now, it brings you doubt. How much weight can we give to synchronicities then?

Synchronicities are synchronicities. They are still signs pointing us in a certain direction that God wants us to go. But the ultimate unfoldment of how things are meant to work out is still in God’s hands. When synchronicities are viewed from a larger perspective, the picture putting together all the smaller pieces becomes clearer and understood. Only faith in God is what will keep you at peace through all of these occurrences. God would never point you in the wrong direction and it’s highly unlikely that the evil side is responsible for these coincidences when they are only love based.

Faith is the proclamation of truth in the face of conflicting signs and contradictory circumstances. Faith is more important than synchronicity. The first level is to know synchronicity and to work with them. The second level is to have faith even in the midst of conflicting signs. Many people start of at the second level and then get stuck in the first level without coming back to the second level because they become dependant on the signs. It’s like we start off with being detached when setting our intention, but then become attached to results later when we start getting results.

We should follow where the signs and our heart leads us. But we should not depend on the signs completely and instead put our trust in God with all our heart even though we do not understand all that’s going on with the signs. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not unto your own understanding. We’ll still have to wait and see how reality plays out. Everything that comes our way is a test. Any set backs we face is a chance to make us stronger in consciousness. To trust and hold on to the truth of God’s goodness and his love for us, that ultimately he will fulfill the greatest desires of our heart.

Maybe they are pointing us in the RIGHT direction but it may not come to pass on OUR timetable. Or quite possibly, there’s something you don’t know about what’s happening yet that you are not to know at this point in time which will reveal itself and unfold possibly over time. This is very well part of the answer that deals with synchronicity. The more important part of the answer that deals with faith is the knowledge that all things work out for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

Pure simple faith is all that is needed to set your heart at rest upon the truth. All the knowledge and awareness you have so far may not be enough to completely get you through the things that touches the deepest parts of the heart. Right at the very core, the only thing that can settle it is pure simple faith. Jesus said that unless we become as a little child, we cannot enter the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Faith that comes by seeing ourselves as a child of God and knowing that he loves us totally, and that he is a good God, and he has everything under control, he has our future in his hands, and he will never fail us or make any mistakes.

You just need to have pure simple faith and read the word of God a little bit more. It might seem a kind of foolish to say this. The Jews seek after a sign and the Greeks seek after wisdom. But the bible says it pleases God through the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. In the end, it is all about one thing. That thing is pure simple faith. We can only experience peace and joy in areas that touches the deepest parts of the heart by having simple faith.

Sometimes you are looking for a sign or understanding of what’s going on in the situation, but you can’t seem to find it. What you really need is to believe and have pure simple faith. Pure simple faith comes only from hearing, and hearing the word of God. No other religious text or esoteric scriptures gives the kind of pure simple faith that the bible does. This is the awareness that you need. Faith is the higher kind of sight when you cannot see. It is the God consciousness or Christ consciousness.

Pure simple faith. It may be the hardest thing to have in the universe. That is why we need the author and perfecter of faith, which is Christ Consciousness. The just shall live by faith. For we walk by faith and not by sight. Not by signs or synchronicities either. We should live by faith of Christ. Christ is the word. For it is written that Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

The unfoldment and timetable aren’t always in keeping with what WE expect or envision. This is just anotherĀ  very important “aspect” of synchronicity. Only God knows what is best for us and we should trust and live in faith that good will prevail for our futures. If it’s meant to be, it will happen on its own accord. Having faith IS having peace. Keep the faith that everything will be okay and that God has a better plan for us in the end.

It will be interesting to see what God has planned and what the synchronicities were trying to “say”. When you live by faith, you will sense something very positive in your future and feel this inner surge of energy, a real bright light that gives you hope for a much happier future. It’s a very unique and wonderful feeling. Commit everything to the Lord and the peace that passes understanding will guard your heart and mind.

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