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Secret of Speed

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The secret of speed. Let speed be your supreme advantage. It is all about speed.

Speed is a state of mind. All speed is mental. Think speed and you manifest speed.

When you have speed you are able to do things quicker and accomplish lots more faster.

You are able to act, think, plan, respond, learn, perceive, realize, analyze, move, adapt, switch, develop, understand, decide, control, coordinate, communicate quicker and progress faster.

Since failure leads to success, the idea is to fail as fast as possible and as many times as necessary in order to achieve larger amounts of success much faster.

The key to gaining speed is to set things in such a way that gives you greater efficiency in doing things.

Put yourself in the speed state of mind with consciousness moving from one thing to the next without stopping and sometimes even skipping. A state of non attachment, formlessness, free flowing, changeability, without a care, acting at will without hesitation according to desire.

The Great Secret of Speed is Organization. The more organized one is, the faster one can go. Get things organized in such a way that enables you to execute as fast as possible.

Speed depends on economy of motion. More ease, less stress. Make no unnecessary motion. Let your moves be executed in the shortest, most direct and swiftest way possible.

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