Divine Will is From Your True Self as Spirit

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Divine Will is From Your True Self as Spirit

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Divine will isn’t the will of some external being, but it is your own true will which comes from your true Self as Spirit. Your own true will is what you are here for and is what will make you truly happy. Following divine will is the best way to live your life and make all the right decisions. Your true Self sees all things and knows the best path that you are meant to take. When you trust that all things in the universe are working for your highest good, you are trusting in your true Self. Divine will is your perfect destiny.

You have a path that you have chosen before you came here although you may have forgotten it. You are meant to rediscover that path on a moment by moment basis. If you had all the information about your whole path at once, your conscious mind would be so overloaded and paralyzed. That is why you began your journey with a mind that is empty. You gain the information about your path over time in the right order and timing. Everything follows a logos from your true Self which only creates perfection.

The way to obey divine will is to follow your heart’s true desires. It is not just any desire but the truest desires of your heart. You may have begun your life with a mind that is empty, but your heart contained the greatest clue to the direction you’re meant to go. Your heart is the inner guidance system with feelings that resonate at a frequency of your own true will. As you follow the frequency of your heart, your mind opens to clarity and awareness of your own true path. This connection allows you to see totality.

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