It is Not desire but Will that Manifests Things

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It is Not desire but Will that Manifests Things

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Never express doubt but always positively affirm that what you expect will come to pass. Remember that it is not what you wish for or desire, but what you steadily will that comes to pass. Wishing or desiring a thing to happen does not bring it about. The wish is often accompanied by doubt which is the strongest of counter suggestions. Do not say “I wish that it might be like that.” Say “It is like that” and never permit yourself to hold the thought that you are not telling the truth. Positively affirm your desire.

To intend is to will. Everything that happens is based on choice, whether from the higher or lower self. In order to be a conscious creator of your reality, you need to know what you are choosing in every moment. You may have a desire, but are you choosing that desire to be fulfilled? Something only comes into being when you choose it to be. Desires are neither good nor evil, they simply are. It is the choices we make that determines good or evil. Our experiences are created by our intention which is by will.

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