Achieve Success by Going straight for your Dreams

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Achieve Success by Going straight for your Dreams

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Most people are taking the beaten path. They think that is the path of success because people have gone before them and succeeded in that area. But it is the people who took the path not traveled in order to follow their dreams first, where there is no guarantee. Then once they have succeed, they open the way for the rest to follow. They are able to ride on their own success even further because everyone else is following them.
The truth is you have something of value that is unique, therefore only you can express it. We have been so bombarded with seminars on how to do this and how to do that that the reason why there is so much competition in the world is because nobody has anything new to offer. They are all just offering the very same thing. The truth is, the workplace is not really as competitive as it appears to be. There is plenty of room for everybody.
Another reason why the world seems to be so competitive is because the primary motivation for many people is nothing other than self gratification through either money or power. Yet, we know that the most powerful and influential people are not the ones who are seeking anything in particular, but who are always looking for ways to serve others. If every person does the work which they feel most inspired by, then every single need of society would be taken care of. The truth is, there are people in the world who would love to do the work you are doing right now. Even if it is something you can’t stand.
The motivation behind anything you are doing should never be money, or power. It should be service. The truth is, your work is your service. In return for the service we provide we can either receive money or any other form of compensation. So  in order for us to be abundant, all we need to do is to serve as many people as we can. In exchange of our service we become prosperous. Money is not the reason why you work, it is simply one of the rewards you get for doing what you enjoy in service to others. If you do that, the amount of money that will come into your life will defy your wildest expectations.

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