Awakening to Ultimate Reality through Unreality

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Awakening to Ultimate Reality through Unreality

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The purpose of existence is that YOU created this reality to experience yourself in. That is why anything that you believe in this reality that is not absolute truth, seems true at some times, and yet untrue at other times. Anything that is not of the Absolute is of the relative and will be governed by the Law of Polarity along with the Law of Rhythm. Those half truths will always swing from true to untrue from time to time, thereby making reality seem unreal. Reality is a balance between dreaming and waking.

The reason for the many inconsistencies of what you believe in is because it is to show you the absolute unreality of things. It is YOU giving yourself a wake up call so that you will never be completely trapped by the dream, and never to awaken. Everything that is subjective is fiction, and you are here as an artist to create your art as creative self expression. In the Universal Scheme of things, there is a grand tapestry where everything fits together as a masterpiece work of Art. It is all GOD imagination.

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