Truth about Giving and How Wealth is Attained

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Truth about Giving and How Wealth is Attained

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Wealth is created by two or three things. The two things are will and desire, and the third is belief. All you need is a very strong desire to attain wealth coupled with intensely willing it to come to pass for you. You also need to have a certain amount of right beliefs for it such as believing it can happen, and that you are worthy of possessing it. Will and desire are the only two things you need to focus on actually as they are natural and you can have a maximum of these two. It is ok to have conflicting beliefs but as long as you focus on will and desire for wealth and be single minded towards it, you will attain it. Concentrating your mind on it is all you need to get there.

You can never get great wealth simply by giving alone. Wealth is gotten by receiving. Everything is created by intention. Giving is an external action. Intention is an internal action. You can go nowhere with giving alone. But you can go anywhere with intention alone. If you want great wealth, you must put in intention and energy.

Where does giving play a part and how should you give then? It is very simple. You should never give anywhere except primarily to areas where you have a very strong and direct personal interest in. The first and foremost place to give to is yourself. The really rich and successful people give to themselves first and primarily. That is why they possess such great wealth and attainment.

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